2017: A good year for driveline and wheel hub

2017 has been a successful year, one in which our goals have been surpassed. Many customers have renewed trust in us, and at
the same time we’ve produced important projects for new customers who have chosen GH as their best option. In fact, 34% of incoming orders in 2017 came from new customers.

The consolidation of GH in the automotive marketdeserves special mention. Important Driveline projects in the Asian and American markets, as well as a highly successful new Wheel Hub initiative for a new Asian customer have reinforced GH’s role
as the most important induction supplier in this sector. The numbers say it all:

An increase of almost 40%in value in euros in machine projects for Driveline (CVJ) and Wheel Hub (HBU) in 2017 as compared to 2016.

The key to the spectacular increase in Driveline projects has been GH’s wealth of experience and many models of applications
and installations in the primary companies in this sector, in Asia as well as Europe and the Americas. Taking into account our customers’ market share, the GH market share for CV Joint induction treatment can be estimated at approximately 30%. Newsletter 16.2   In terms of Wheel Hub projects, the innovative solutions offered by GH and the experience in the end user country have resulted in exceptional success in the form of
a major project with 8 automatic machines for one client, one of the biggest manufacturers in the world of these components, with a global market share of approximately 20%.



Customer’s primary need: doubling the production of pieces using the same amount of space in the plant.
GH Solution: hardening machine and compact tempering tunnel with 7-second cycle time and a heating station. Whereas two stations were needed before, now one is enough.

Key technology: Development of the “split inductor”. This inductor can be perfectly adapted to the piece needed. It is made up of two parts that mechanically move into place close to the piece in order to harden.

Economic benefits:

  • Offers the best return on investment for the customer, and quick project amortization of 2 years compared to other solutions on the market.
  • Production cost reduction of 75% per piece compared to the original solution.
  • Reduced energy consumption. A single generator compared to the 2 required by other solutions.
  • Reduced inductor consumption.

Technical advantages:

  • 30% reduction in heating time.
  • Reduced risk of overheating.
  • Better efficiency due to a short gap between coil and part.
  • Longer inductor life cycle due to reduced thermal stress and the use of 3D printed coils.

Do you need a new power supplies?5 things to keep in mind besides power and frequency

Mr. Carriere has been named Power supplies Sales Manager for Europe, supporting our business activities from Paris, France. Mr. Carriere has a degree in Business Management, and has been working in the induction heating sector for the
last eight years, where he specialized in understanding customers’ needs and requirements

1.Why do you want to buy an induction generator?

I want to change my heating technology, because...
My energy bill is too high.

Check to see that the generator is efficient, and the design of the inductor too.

GH generators offer energy efficiency of up to 95%, minimizing reactive power. In addition, you can continuously monitor the energy consumed.

I need to improve quality. I can’t control the heating.

Ensure that the generator’s specifications offer enough precision to guarantee the repeatability of the process.

Functionalities such as the ability to program heat curves, and regulate the power according to the temperature and fine tune it, will make the job easier.

Control, repeatability and process monitoring are highly advanced features at GH. The treatment of millions of automotive parts is one example of the high standards that GH brings to hundreds of installations.

I’m looking for a partner to supply the induction part for the machines (or production lines) I sell.

To start, look for the latest technology and a solvent supplier of proven quality that can respond to you at any time and has durable equipment. Then you would avoid problems with your clients. You’ll also want responsiveness from your supplier.

In addition, GH generators are equipped with communication buses for data exchange in case you want to monitor them.

Talk to GH if you need us to develop any special feature.

I want to update my generator, because...
It’s gotten old, it’s not very efficient, and I’ve had to fix it several times.
Start by looking for the latest technology and a solvent supplier.
2. Is it integrated into a machine?
Yes, and I want to lengthen my machine’s life.

Keep the associated oscillator in mind, and how it is integrated into the machine. At GH we have components for any solution, as well as robust engineering for their integration.

Optionally if you want to be able to monitor the parameters of your induction process for each piece in real time, you might be interested in our IPM (Induction Process Monitoring) system (download brochure).

Are you aware of the risks you face using old generators?
If you have a GH generator, tell us the model and we’ll evaluate your situation. We’re running a replacement campaign.

No, and I don’t want ANY MORE PROBLEMS.

A durability guarantee and good protection from short-circuits is the least of it. At GH we have generators in the field that have been operating for more than 20 years. In addition, we offer:

· A 24-hour online parts store.

· Remote maintenance for your generator if requested.

I want a new induction application

If you're not an expert in induction, you’ll need help. Look for a supplier with extensive experience who can offer you:

· A turnkey solution.

· A laboratory for possible testing and/or the development of your application if necessary

· You’ll also want good long-term after-sales service, and training for your system.

3. Do you or will you be heating different types of pieces?
4. Are there various simultaneus or sequential heating operations?
5. Will this be a fixed or mobile installation?
Purchase the appropriate generator and oscillator so that you can use them for your entire range of pieces. Solution versatility is key. We can offer a solution designed for future growth: oscillator, inductor, cooling system, etc.
Think it over again. If that’s the case, the solution is a coaxial transformer that functions at a fixed frequency and is more economical.
Ask for a multi-output solution, meaning a generator with various simultaneous or switched outputs. In a single unit you’ll have it all. At GH we have models with as many as 8 outputs that can use different frequencies and power according to the application.
I need to be able to operate it manually in various sites in my factory.
We recommend an “all-in-one” mobile solution with a cooling system and integrated oscillator. Aghile can be adapted to your needs with accessories to make operation easier. If not, we can design other solutions based on our wide variety of products and technologies.
It will be fixed
You’ll need to identify any space constraints, and specify if it is for interior or exterior use. No matter what the situation, GH has different families of generators that can help, such as Transithermic, HM or Digimac.
GH has the following resources available:

· An applications laboratory to provide a solution for your process.

· A full engineering team to automate your process with the ideal cycle time.

· An R&D department that never sleeps, providing continuous improvements and the latest technologies to meet our customers’ current and future needs.

Form Power Supplies

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Screw bolts

There are millions of them, with millions of different shapes and uses. They’re used in construction, in automobile chassis and systems, in
wind turbines, in engines, in thermal plants, in rails, conduction tubes, etc.

essential for them to be stable and resilient, but…
What if the thread can’t take the mechanical force and it breaks?   To avoid this and other problems, hardening is the solution. Screws can be quickly superficially hardened using induction, without changing the properties of the
rest of the part, and then tempered to relieve stress.

Various companies have trusted GH to supply high-productivity machines for thread forming screws and thread drilling screws.


Primary features of the solutions:High process repeatability and stability

  • Automatic continuous feeding system
  • Length range: 12 – 150 mm
  • Production rate: up to 200 parts/min.
  • Machine availability: > 95%.

GH Transithermic high-frequency, high-performance generators

  • Machine settings are stored under the respective part number
  • Energy monitoring

FORD WD 952 Compliance

Example of automatic feeder

Forging: Gas Furnace VS. Induction SystemA reference story


Activity: forging and hot stamping of steel parts for various industries (manual tools, automotive, construction, etc.)
Product to be heated: from steel plates that are rectangular to a variety of other shapes.
Starting point: a heating system based on a natural gas furnace.


  • 1. Automating the loading and unloading of the pieces in the induction furnace for forging.
  • 2. Reducing energy consumption.
  • 3. Increasing productivity.
  • 4. Increasing the quality of the final product’s finish.

Technological challenges:

  • 1. Induction forge with an adjustable system to handle treating pieces with a variety of shapes.
  • 2. Flexible loading and unloading system that can be adapted to the shapes of the pieces.

Change is always hard, and in an industry like forging, which has barely changed in the last 5,000 years it’s even harder. So although induction technology plays a major role in a wide
variety of heat treatment processes, it hasn’t penetrated into forging to the same degree. For our customer, with an average activity of 6,850 hours of work per year, the challenge of tackling such a profound change in technology was that it needed to produce visible and profitable improvements and benefits immediately.The goal of the project was to develop induction forging equipment for plates, both rectangular and various other shapes. When applied to forging, induction has primarily been focused on applications for bars or cylindrical pieces that are generally large
in size. The use of induction for these types of irregular and varied shapes was a bigger technical challenge than the simple substitution of the traditional gas furnace technology with induction heating.

Testing at the GH laboratory during the development of the application

From the start, the thermal heating process needed to be adjustable so that the pieces, with their variety of shapes, received the ideal amount of heat during every moment. The installation
that was developed achieved better control and adjustment of the piece’s final temperature, as well as the rapid detection of flawed pieces. All of this contributed to improving the final quality of the product.

We were also able to optimize and improve the handling of the pieces during the loading and unloading process, as well as their management during the heating process. Due to the wide variety of pieces, the system needed to be very flexible to allow for
fast and easy adjustments for handling different pieces in a minimal amount of time. The automation of the entire process has noticeably reduced cycle times.

Finally, the installation of induction heating developed by GH Induction results in a major decrease in our
customer’s energy bill, with savings of approximately 30%.

The achievement of the defined goals produces improvements in the quality of the final product, reducing
cycle time and energy consumption, and resulting in a clear and quantifiable increase in the company’s productivity and competitiveness compared to other firms in the market.

Upcoming events


27 – 30 March 2018. Stand 5G137   The largest event in France dedicated to production technologies and equipment. Whether it is held in Paris on even years, or in Lyon on odd years, INDUSTRIEalways strives to bring together a range of know-how, innovations, and solutions to increase productivity and competitiveness.   This year this exhibition is colocated with:

MIDEST – the exhibition for all know-how related to industrial subcontracting

SMART INDUSTRIES – the exhibition for a connected, collaborative, and efficient manufacturing sector

TOLEXPO– the exhibition for solutions and equipment for Sheet Metal Work  

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SIMTOS (Korea)

03 – 07 April 2018. Stand 6A17   Exhibited items will cover the full range of the industry, from metal processing machinery to process control & processing technologies, automation, tools & peripheral
devices, SW, element parts, etc.  

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TUBE & PIPE (Germany)

16 – 20 April 2018. Stand: D82 · Hall 11

GH Induction will be at this fair along with the rest of the companies belonging to the ATM group. ATM is the biggest induction
group in the world, and will present its entire catalog of products and services for tubes and pipes in Europe under the EMMEDI brand.   EMMEDI has become the brand with the widest range of solutions in the tube and pipe
world.   In addition, the first tube welding unit based on silicon carbide, developed by GH Induction will be presented, offering much greater benefits than the current IGBT and Si MOSFET technology.  

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Induction Heating Seam annealing In-line bright annealing Induction Welding Induction Melting Induction Heating Induction Forging Pipe threading Pipe bending


15 – 19 May 2018.   In May 2018, Buenos Aires city will be the scene of a new edition of FIMAQH, the most important international show for the productive industry developed in Argentine. Once again, the
meeting point will be the Bicentennial Park (Villa Martelli city, Buenos Aires province).  

FIMAQH brings closer field of metal cutting, formate, precision tools, hydraulic, electrical and electronic accessories and metrology including modern concepts of quality, gage, diagnosis and peripheral equipment techniques
and services.  

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28 May – 1 June 2018.   The 30th edition of BIEMH will be held 28th May to 1st June, following the success of previous editions, in the midst of a trasformation process filled with optimist. 2018
BIEMH is committed to showcase the most advanced technology solutions and active participation by both exhibitors and visitors, whith an aim to help companies to get the best positioning in an increasingly competitive market.  

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CWIEME (Germany)

20 – 22 June 2018.  

CWIEME Berlin is the leading event for coil winding, electric motor and transformer manufacturing technologies. The largest industry gathering, CWIEME Berlin brings together highly specialised
engineers and procurement professionals to meet new and existing suppliers, invest in new and innovative products and solutions, network with the industry and stay up-to-date with the latest industry trends.  

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26 – 27 September 2018.  

MetalMadrid is an event, tailored to meet the needs of today’s advanced manufacturers and suppliers, MetalMadrid is the only industrial show for the central area of Spain, covering the entire engineering
and manufacturing life cycle including: Design & Development; Test, Measurement & Inspection; Advanced Materials; Advanced Manufacturing Processes & Software; Machining; Supply Chain and more…  

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HK 2018 (Germany)

16 – 18 October 2018.   Main Topics HK 2018

  • – Materials and heat treatment for e-mobility
  • – Integration of the heat Treatment in the production line
  • – Materials and heat Treatment of additively manufactured components
  • – Hard machining of heat-treated components
  • – Innovations in the field of heat treatment, materials technology, manufacturing technology and process engineering


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TUBE (India)

27 – 29 November 2018.   Wire India, Tube India and Metallurgy India are joining forces for the seventh time in India This is now the seventh time that the Indian metal trade fair trio will be held at
the Bombay Convention & Exhibition Centre in Mumbai, comprising wire India, Tube India and metallurgy India, from 27 to 29 November 2018.   The three-day presentation will cover plants and machinery, the latest technologies
and services from the various segments of the wire and cable industry as well as pipe and tube processing and the pipe and tube trade.  

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