Industrial trends in induction world
55 years of Innovation

In 55 years, we have had time to learn a lot of things, gain an understanding of the market and draw on all our capacity for innovation and technology to enable our clients to work smarter and achieve their objetives with the greatest possible efficiency. GH specialises in the world of induction and our contributions to applied research and innovation are global industrial landmarks.

Thirty years ago, GH became the first company to offer its customers the first generator with solid state transistors rather than valves, adding efficiency and lengthening the useful life of induction equipment.

We are now the only company producing inductors using 3D printing technology, in line with the trend for additive manufacturing technology.

GH boasts independence and technological innovation
The world’s first company to apply 3D printing technology to inductors.

We are in the throes of a product research and development process framed in the Industry 4.0 focused on the quality of production the improvement of system operation and maintenance and the deployment of new silicon carbide-based electronic components (SIC) which will contribute to the development of induction technology to create more versatile and compact generators (power supplies).

GH has a worldwide presence with more than 5,000 references and a global assistance service.

We are proud of our 55 years of work and of our customers around the world, with more than 5,000 references and a clear vocation to continue to drive innovation in the induction sector. Our independence and technology enables us to have our own products and patents that add strategic value to our customers, offering a worldwide network of services and assistance. In 2015 we set our to completely upgrade our Valencia headquarters (Spain). We are now based in new offices and have a better plant for enhanced communication, creativity and a flow of ideas that opens the door to continuous improvement of our processes. A place for working better and for sharing with our customers and collaborators.

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3DPCoil, the world’s first inductor manufactured with direct 3D printing (GH patent)
3DPCoil for wheel hub hardening manufactured by 3D printing
  • For the industry in general.
  • Process: Heat treatment (Hardening).
  • Lower cost per piece. Longer useful life of the inductor.
    Suitable for complex designs.

GH has already provided the market with inductors that include 3D printed coils.
By adding successive fine layers of a material, normally powder, additive manufacturing enables us to create the figure and form designed in 3D.
This advanced technology enables us to develop and market 3D printed induction coils through Electron Beam Melting (EBM).

The main innovations and characteristicts lie in that there is no need for brazing, the interior design is controlled for optimal cooling and very complex designs can be built that were hitherto impossible with current techniques.

Brazing process for coil manufacturing (traditional method)
Reduction in spare inductors.
Fewer man hours calibrating spare inductors.
Drastic reduction in cost per piece.
Less production downtime.

The advantages are clear: it exponentially increases the useful life of coils (inductors), production downtime is reduced and the production cost of each part is cut dramatically.
It is ideal for hardening parts with average and high production runs, as well as inductors that would be impossible to manufacture using traditional techniques.

According to CIE Automotive, some 3DPCoils inductors have exceeded 200% the average life of a inductor.
Two coils in the EBM machine
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GH Induction, leading manufacturer for heat treatment machines for automotive driveline parts

The automotive industry and its leading brands. A very specialised, demanding market where GH has been operating for a long time. Our induction systems encompass the production of specific parts for the body, motor, driveline, wheel bearing, suspension, steering and brakes, among others.

Brands like Volvo, Volkswagen, Audi, BMW, Toyota, Peugeot, Renault and Nissan use parts processed with our equipment. Industries specialising in different vehicle manufacturing areas in Europe, Asia, North America, South America and Oceania rely on GH technologies and the GH global assistance service.

Quality, experience, innovation, service and technical assistance are the key element to be chosen year after year by leading vehicle manufacturers and their supply chain.

Our induction heating systems are used for: heat treatment (hardening, annealing and tempering), bonding for door assemblies, shrink fitting (mechanical fastening method used to join two parts by interference) and general heating for other processes. All this is done in accordance with the specific requirements of each manufacturer in terms of automation, integration in lines, volume of parts produced, own customer standards, etc.

GH equipment is the perfect fit for the automotive sector, where requirements for high quality, cutting-edge technology and guaranteed service and customer service are essential pillars.

What is more, in 2015, GH expanded in the automotive sector, making inroads in new countries such as South Korea and incorporating its superior process monitoring systems and automation machines: total traceability of parts by code reading, quality checks and sending data to the cloud in line with the Industry 4.0.

Constant Velocity Joint – GKN courtesy
Each machine can produce even more than 2,000,000 processed transmission parts.
Horizontal machine for shafts – Seat

The first supplied machines were for Seat and General Motors. Today with 30 years’ experience and more than 400 driveline and wheel bearing installations around the world GH Induction is a reference in this sector.

The main processed parts are Sideshafts and Hub & Spindle. In cases of machinery with higher production these are single shot treatments, in other words, parts are completely heated; shafts can be entirely heated in 8 seconds, a CV joint every 12 seconds and a hub every 8 seconds.

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How GH technology makes Hauck Heat Treatment Madrid more competitive

Hauck Heat Treatment Madrid has more than 20 years’ experience under its belt. It belongs to the Hauck Heat Treatment division of multinational Aalberts Industries, which is a leader in the European leader in thermal processing treatments with 27 plants.

Its customers include: Airbus, CESA, John Deere, Valeo, Faurecia and Grupo Gestamp, among others.

Property of Hauck Heat Treatment.
“Total control over hardening process, guaranteeing the quality of the parts delivered to our customers”.
Luis Martín, manager
of the Hauck HT Madrid Plant.

Luis Martín, Manager of the company’s plant in Madrid told us about his experience with GH equipment.

What made you think about changing your manufacturing processes?
– Initially it was a requirement of one of our drive and halfshaft customers who demanded process quality in each and every part produced.
Before that time, batches of parts were processed and discarded according to the energy used in the process, which meant that faulty parts were sometimes delivered.

How did your relationship with GH start?
– Immediately we needed to find a solution to the problem put to us, we got in touch with GH, which provided us with the experience and engineering we needed to cover our new needs.

What kind of solution did GH propose?
– We had a number of meetings to design the equipment that would meet our needs in detail. From that time on, GH parameterised the IPM, adapting, installing and training our staff in the programme, setting and starting up all the machinery to commence production.

What is the difference between your former and current production methods?
– Well, we now have the peace of mind of knowing that our batches of parts are up to the quality standards and guarantees that our customers demand.

Have these quality standards made your supplies more competitive?
– There’s no question that they have, although not explicity. It is obvious that this is a competitive value, because our main priority is based on total customer satisfaction.

Luís Martín, manager of the Hauck HT Madrid Plant.

The GH system offers the advantages already encompassed in Industry 4.0, gathering data about the heating, cooling process and hardening depth to control the quality of the processed parts. This means that all parts delivered to customers have been verified and are quality controlled.

  • Guaranteed control over 100% of parts processed.
  • Repetition of processes for both critical and serial parts.
  • Guaranteed quality without the need for massive destructive testing. Merely by verifying the start and end of the process, the IPM unifies the quality of parts with essential parameters such as frequency, power, time, flow, quench, temperatures, etc.

While the parts are processed, the IPM gathers real-time data for each parameter in a sample according to the frequency set in the equipment and shows the results in graph format. When the laboratory checks that the processed part is correct, the values are saved as a model in the system and the permitted tolerance for each parameter is defined. Then the system automatically calculates the maximum and minimum curves for each controlled parameter.


That is how all parts produced are monitored and compared with the models saved and, if the real-time curves deviate from the established limits, the system raises the alarm and labels the part Not OK. This makes the production process more efficient and reliable by helping to anticipate potential machinery downtime due to errors in part quality.

All parts delivered to customers have been verified and are quality controlled.

One of the advantages is the GH IMP solution system can be used alone or in other manufacturers’ machines, gathering information about 64 parameters (although the hardware has capacity for integration of 99), visualising and transmitting all the data to the factory’s cloud.

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Upcoming event
GH Induçao do Brasil Ltda. in FIMAQH, the most important industrial event of the country.

10 – 14 May
GH Induction is on exhibition in this event, Stand 901

FIMAQH is the most important industrial event of the country in which more than 300 companies and 40 thousand national and international visitors get together and have the opportunity to know 30,000 m2 show space and the widest machines, instruments, product and services for the productive industry offers.
FIMAQH is the turning-point of the sector growing in Argentine and the region and generates high trade volumes that impact favourable on the balance of trade and investments.

International Conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources.

24 – 27 May. Italy
Since 1998, every three years the Department of Industrial Engineering organizes the International Conference HES, Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, at Padua (Italy)

Around 18 years since the Department of Industrial Engineering organizes the International Conference HES, Heating by Electromagnetic Sources, at Padua (Italy); a very technical congress whtere hares the latest results of research and industrial development activities in the field of Induction, Conduction, Dielectric, Microwaves Heating and EPM (Electromagnetic Processing).
Researchers, international experts and engineers from industry present and discuss several issues, and this year, GH Induction will show its new world’s coils manufactured by 3D printing 3DPCoil; and will sponsor this scientific event.

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